Drama in the qualifiers

Yesterday was a day full of drama in dota 2, marked with tiebrakers in two regions ( TnC, Fnatic, Execration)sea region and (Team Secret, Fantastic 5, Escape gaming) eu region.

SEA team Fnatic failed in their trip to get a direct invite as that invite goes to Demon and his new team TnC, coming out from the open qualifiers to get a direct invite to international – that’s pretty big guys.

But as well as TnC the other two team that qualified are also from the open qualifiers – Team Secret and Evil Geniuses, so yes we can say that this is the year of the “underdogs”.

White fries, Fnatic, Execration and WG unity are the teams that are playing the playoffs for the second invite from the region.

Escape gaming, Alliance, Ad Finem and Fantastic 5 are the teams that are playing the playoffs for the second invite of the EU region

CompLexity, FDL, Digital Chaos, Void boys are the teams that are playing the playoffs for the second invite of the US region

Wings is the team that is holding for now the 1st place from China but there are 4 games that need to be played still so don’t miss the show and watch them.

Secret battle their way to TI

It was a treacherous path for Team Secret but they managed to navigate their way through eight rounds of single elimination and one bo3 to reach the Grand Finals of the European Open Qualifiers. Their opponents were Danish bears, and the final bo3 would determine who would win one of the two slots in the European Regionals.

Team Secret were put in the Open Qualifiers as a result of them bringing in a new player when Universe left to return to Evil Geniuses, instead of simply promoting one of their two substitutes. Bulba’s transfer to Team Secret made them ineligible for a direct invite to TI6 or the Regionals.

In game 1 Danish Bears took us back to 6.82-6.84 with a Sniper and Troll combo, a pair of heroes that became the bane of most pub games during last year’s patches.

DB did well to shut down Bulba’s Nyx in the early game – who ended the game with 0-7-11 – and it gave the impression the Danes had pulled a rabbit out of the hat with a retro draft. However, they left  EternalEnvy’s Dragonlance TerrorBlade free farming and with Arteezy also cruising on Timbersaw, whatever lead DB had put together in the first minutes of the game quickly dissipated.

Arteezy’s carefree wandering Timbersaw chilling around DB’s fountain when they still had all their tier 3’s up was a testimony of just how well Secret had game 1. Game 2 was even more one-sided than the first. DB once again allowed Secret the chance to pick TerrorBlade and EternalEnvy once again punished them for it, ending the game with 15-1 on TB. Overall aside from a brief sign of hope for DB at the start of game 1, Team Secret were just a cut above their Grand Final opponents.

Team Secret now progress to the Regional Qualifiers, where they will join 8 invited teams as well as the winner of the second European Open Qualifiers.

To watch the highlights click here