ESL ONE- day 1 review

After a long day, we could say that that was one crazy day. In the recent months the most solid and consistent team- Liquid has not dropped a single game against most of the other teams, but yesterday was a crazy day they drop 2 games to VEGA the team that was lost in the previous month or two. Vega battled their way through the upper bracket finals with Alliance and who would have ever thought that Vega will finish top seed of group A, simply amazing performance from them at this tournament they battle for spot at the international but most important is that they are real threat to the other teams for winning this ESL and winning it as outsiders.

team liquid at ESL
Team Liquid at ESL ONE Frankfurt

In group B, it can be said that it was a pretty ordinary day the two favorites won and OG claim the top seed of the group. They fought pretty easily against Na’Vi and against CompLexity with not much effort it can be said they won every single game and not dropping once. COLĀ on the other hand won 2:1 against VP, it turned out that Limmp’s Alchemist and Chessie’s Lifestealer were too much for VP to handle.

Follow the matches today live : Fnatic – Liquid (0:1 current result)

Liquid took game one after pretty one sided game where Matumbaman and Fata crushed their opponents. Game two is just starting.

Winner of Liquid – Fnatic plays Alliance in the lower bracket finals.

Group B:
Na’Vi – Virtus Pro 13:30cet
Winner plays against CompLexity