OG keeps crushing

The semi-finals of the ESL ONE Frankfurt tournament were pretty amazing and the 4 teams that were competing in this semi final played amazing dota which was fun to watch and pretty exciting, well maybe the finals were not that exciting.

Na’Vi – Vega 2:0 

Great series from both teams showing great skill and commitment. But we must mention the amazing performance in the first game of dendi’s timbersaw as well as Fn’s slark. Ending the 59 minute ordeal with a KDA of 28-1-11. Vega’s Slark also did some serious work, with Fn’s securing himself a total of 23 kills. However, his impressive hero damage of 28.9k was not enough, compared to the unmatched 40.8k hero damage of Dendi.

Lastly, game two put the nail in the coffin for Vega. General’s performance on Batrider was a delight to watch, with some seriously impressive jukes. An out of meta Shadow Fiend pick worked nicely for Na’vi, who took the game after 33 minutes.


OG – Team Liquid 2:1

Game one was an impressive 19 minute stomp going the way of Team Liquid. A really solid performance from Liquid’s star support player Jerax, who was involved in all but one kill throughout the game.

Curse of the Lifestealer-Riki combo

Game two really tested the strength of the OG lineup. With 10 completely different heroes from game one, Liquid took an early lead with a few favourable engagements. However OG finding a kill on Kuroky’s Riki enabled them to take Roshan, find a tower and regain some control in the game. Two amazing 5 man vacuum-wall combos from Mind_Control were not enough to keep Liquid in the game.

Miracle showed off his diverse hero pool, picking up the Lycan – the first time they’ve drafted the hero this tournament.

Lastly the third game went the way of OG. A 50 minute extravaganza saw OG pick up a safelane Naga Siren, and some pretty interesting drafting from Liquid. Opening with a first phase Lifestealer-Riki combination, they then picked a safelane Slark for Matumbaman, leaving the Lifestealer for Mind_Control. Cr1t’s performance on Earth Spirit really shone through in game 3, with some beautifully timed stuns combining with Naga Siren’s sleep.

og frankfurt

OG – Na’Vi 3:0

In this series we won’t talk that much Na’Vi were total outsiders since the start of the match. Pretty easy match up for OG as they at the moment seem unbeatable. The highlight of this series was in game 3 when Miracle played Lion support. And the 9k mmr prodigy crushed Na’Vi, showing great skill some jukes, kills, and at the end some great mentality.

Watch all three games in the link bellow:

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