Final test before International

The Manila Major is just over and yet there is another test standing in front of the teams and it is one of the best tournament for dota 2 there is and it is called ESL One Frankfurt.

Eight teams are set and ready to compete for direct invite for TI6. And everything is starting so fast only 5 days after the Manila major and by fast we mean super sonic fast, the tournament is starting in 1 hour from now.
The first battles in ESL ONE Frankfurt are between Alliance – Fnatic and the Manila major 2nd place Team Liquid – Vega.

Esl one

In this group A the favorites are Liquid and Fnatic but for sure Vega and Alliance won’t give up that easily and will cause them problem and hopefully even make a miracle and beat them.

The second group the first duel is starting at 13:45(cet) where
OG(manila major winners) will play against Na’Vi and Complexity – Virtus Pro.

Virtus Pro have had a particularly rough few months as a team, and as a result of some subpar performances their chances to appear on LAN have been drying up. Fortunately for them, LGD Gaming‘s withdrawal has gifted them a chance for excellent practice ahead of the Regional Qualifiers for TI6.

The reason given by ESL for their withdrawal was “health reasons within the team”, and the hosts of the ESL One Frankfurt wished them a speed recovery.

Virtus Pro came third in the European Qualifiers behind Vega and Navi – who both qualified – making them fair replacement. They will however be playing without Ilya ‘AlohaDance’ Korobkin, whose visa is currently still pending. Maurice ‘KheZu’ Gutmann from No Diggity will play in his place for at least the group stage, if not for the whole tournament should AlohaDance’s visa application prove unsuccesful.

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