Lower bracket madness – ESL ONE Frankfurt

Final day of the ESL ONE Frankfurt and it sure will be full of excitement but lets talk about yesterdays matches.

Group A
Team Liquid is back. After playing with their coach standin Heen, for day two Fata is back and with that Liquid are back. Sweeping Fnatic and Alliance with 2:0 and 3 of the games were absolutely one sided, so there is no need to talk about how Liquid crushed their opponents in those 3 games but we will talk for the 1 game that was pretty close with Fnatic.
Fnatic started perfectly got the lead but made many mistakes at taking Liquid’s highground. Liquid knows as one of the best defensive teams and this time they defend that title. Mind_Control definetly saved Liquid this game with few perfectly placed chronosphere’s which at the end put Liquid in winning situation.

Highlights of the last game Alliance vs Liquid

Group B

The first battle Na’Vi vs Virtus Pro it was hard to watch full series if you are fan of either of these teams. Na’Vi took game 1 and VP game second, and the crowd was in delirium in the game 3 of this matchup.
Everything looked good for VP but suddenly General- Na’Vi’s offlaner with one of the heroes that no one expected to be in this tournament “AXE” he played phenomenaly and saved his team from what looked like win for VP. Word cant say that much as you can actually see this games, so watch the highlights from all three games in the link bellow.





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